This introduction to JavaScript will give you the essential knowledge and tools to begin working with one of the most popular programming languages available. To begin, you’ll review the history and evolution of JavaScript. Here you’ll learn about syntax and core concepts such as variables, operators, loops, and types of objects. Moving on, you’ll explore the DOM, the Document Object Model, and discover how JavaScript interacts with HTML on webpages. You’ll also practice working with libraries and explore ways of installing and using JQuery to modify webpages. Featuring step-by-step visual instructions, this course provides the essential groundwork necessary to create dynamic and fully interactive webpages.

This course will help you identify potential cyber threats, including malware, phishing and session hijacking, and take important steps to protect your company's valuable information. Cyber-crime syndicates, along with the prevalence of mobile and cloud-based computing trends, have increased the risk of security breaches for all organizations. In this course, you will learn how to control physical access to your company’s computers and develop best practices for preserving your information assets. You will also examine the ways in which humans pose risks to information security. By the end of this course, you will gain effective strategies for protecting passwords, working with contractors and using encryption to safely access data on mobile devices. This brief video course includes audio narration, exercises, a final quiz, and an ask-a-mentor email feature for a complete learning experience.

Course Objectives

  • Identify potential cyber security breaches and demonstrate appropriate caution 
  • Control physical access to computers and apply best security practices to protect information 
  • Develop methods for protecting sensitive data on mobile devices

This course is for Class 12th appearing students